Wednesday, June 24, 2009


6/24 Wednesday

The Fish are biting and we have bait!

LONG BEACH CARNAGE HAS LIVE SQUID and WILL BE IN FRONT OF AVALON ALL WEEK. The LBC heads around the back about 6pm to make bait and will be back infront of AVALON as soon as they can. Enjoy fishing this week! (562) 714- 8103 The guys are on VHF CHANNEL 11 so you can call them as you head across.

LBBC RECEIVER HAS LIVE SQUID! The LBBC RECEIVER also has nice ANCHOVIES and Sardines! We have plenty of fin bait. (562) 455- 9928 The receiver is also on VHF CHANNEL 11


  1. What is the radio channel that I can reach you at to get information on your location when I am at the island?


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