Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6/3 Wednesday 11pm

PROVIDER is headed in from Clemente with LIVE SQUID. THE LBBC RECEIVER will have LIVE SQUID early Thursday morning . The LBBC RECEIVER also has nice ANCHOVIES and Sardines! We have plenty of fin bait. . (562) 455- 9928 or Channel 11 Brian and Andre will be happy to Help you!

The original LONG BEACH CARNAGE and the original PACIFIC CARNAGE are at SAN CLEMENTE with LIVE SQUID. The LBC will be moving to CATALINA for the weekend at some point- I post when I know. Paul is out on the PAC CARN and Tom is on the LBC. The bait line is (562) 714-8103 or they always have 11 on.

Thanks for the business and for all the emails your sending! If you are following the bait blog bait please subscribe for instant e-mail notifications. You will be everytime we update!

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